Crasnich Law Firm
Professional Network

About us

We are a network of independent professionals, experienced in different fields of law and in business consultancy, joint to provide quality legal consultancy and judicial assistance, with focus to client’s satisfaction.

A trusted network of correspondents allows us to assist the customer in Italy and abroad.


Avv. Roberto Crasnich – Gorizia Bar Association
Avv. Marzia Broili – Gorizia Bar Association
Avv. Laura Candusso – Udine Bar Association
Avv. Romina Mondello – Pordenone Bar Association
Avv. Pietro Tonchia/LEGALNEXT – Udine Bar Association
Avv. Ettore Romagnoli/MARILEGAL – Gorizia Bar Association

Alliances for specific projects

Business development and transnational deals

Avv. Enrica Maggi/Studio Maggi (Klagenfurt/Austria) – Udine and Klagenfurt Bar Association
Dr. Franco Coglot/EBS Consulting - Business consultant


Our headquarter is located in Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia), Via XXIV Maggio nr. 14.

The office sits 3 km away from the Redipuglia tollbooth (highway A4, going toward Lisert), 1.7 km from the FVG regional airport (Trieste/Ronchi dei Legionari) and close access to Trieste, Gorizia and Udine Courts.

Curriculum Vitae and expertise

Avv. Roberto Crasnich
Avv. Ettore Romagnoli
Avv. / Kanzlei Enrica Maggi
Dr. Franco Coglot
Avv. Pietro Tonchia
Avv. Laura Candusso
Avv. Romina Mondello
Avv. Marzia Broili